Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is thrown by a group of guys to help their buddy celebrate getting married. Bachelor parties seem to get a bad reputation in the press. This is due to the movies produced of the same name. In addition, some bachelor parties are prone to get a bit on the wild side. Mention bachelor party, and people visualize a bunch of drunk guys, making it rain at a strip joint, while watching scantily clad women. However, today a bachelor party is more sophisticated. A really good party takes planning. Here are a few tips and ideas on creating a great bachelor party.


It is a good idea to select someone to make all the necessary preparation. Perhaps, the best man would work out fine. Sit down and go over the budget. Determine the amount of money that is available to spend on the night of sophisticated fun or wild times for several close friends. Make sure it is the type of fun that the bachelor would enjoy. It is also a good idea to consider asking each guy to open their wallets and contribute an equal share to the bachelor party. For example, you and your friends plan a wild party in Las Vegas. Make sure that you have enough funds for the airplane tickets, accommodations, food, party,and show tickets. Set up the reservations for transportation, rooms, show, well in advance, to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Make sure all members of the bachelor party are on board with the plans.


Of course, everyone would like to go a bit wild and really enjoy the town. Whether it is Las Vegas or a bar in their local town. Still, it is a good idea to try not to go overboard with the partying. Forgo the usual strip club. Things get rowdy easily. The bachelor and his friends might easily spend all their money and ruin a chance to really have a good time. Instead, spend time at a favorite restaurant or bar talking over old times or enjoying music and good food. The fact is that most of the men are going to end up at a stripper bar. It is a right of passage. Just maintain a level of awareness and keep an eye on your spending.

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Wedding Aniversary Planning

When planning a Wedding Anniversary celebration most people take into account how many years they have been married in order to make a decision. On the first anniversary a couple may want to be alone, eat the top layer of their cake that is in the freezer and reminisce about their first year as a married couple. The tenth anniversary might call for the two of you to take a trip alone together. You might want a quick weekend out of town at a Bed and Breakfast close to home or visit the romantic spot where you went on your first date. A getaway from the kids at this point spent focusing on one another may be what you need in order to put a spark back into your marriage. The bigger wedding anniversaries that include loved ones and a more elaborate celebration of your union usually occur around the 25th or 50th anniversary. During these events you will be able to see the many people in your life that have added value to your marriage throughout the years with their love and support. The milestone anniversary years need the most attention, but every anniversary you celebrate together should be special. Read more here what else you can do for your wedding anniversary day.

If you are throwing a larger anniversary party it is important to decide how big you want the guest list to be. Some people rent halls for these festivities while others opt for a smaller more intimate gathering at a restaurant. An anniversary party is a lot of fun as a couple because it should not be as stressful as a wedding. Invite people that are important to you and have had a positive affect on your marriage. A combination of family, friends and a few coworkers is common in these events. Whether you decide to have a small or large gathering it is important to talk about budget and set a cap on the number of people on the guest list. Details are important as well and you may want to have a theme for your party. Some couples may decorate the venue with pictures of them throughout the years as centerpieces on tables. If you are feeling nostalgic, include your wedding color scheme in the décor as well for a personal touch. Have a song from every year that you were married on the music Playlist to celebrate each one individually. Be creative and have fun with it, reflect on your journey together at this time and look forward to what is to come.

Although the love that you have together is a gift that you share everyday, it is a tradition on your anniversary to give your spouse a token of your affection. Traditional and modern lists are available if you would like to give a type of gift that corresponds with the number of years that you have been together. Younger couples may opt for the modern versions that contain electronics and devices that make life more convenient for them. Being that you got plenty of practical gifts when you first got married, anniversaries should be a time to be creative and thoughtful with your ideas. For example, on the traditional list of gifts the first year is paper. Some options that you may want to consider are concert tickets to a band you enjoy listening to together or simply writing them a love letter and have them receive it in the actual mail.

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